If I am honest with myself, my true love in life is reading. If I’m watching tv or movies or playing video games I reach a level of boredom once I’ve been doing it long enough even if I like the things I am watching or doing. When I read a book my mind has to work to create the visuals as I read, and I find myself in another world witnessing the actions and events of a world in which I do not live. I am the kind of person who has stayed up way too late reading a book because I could not stop.

People talk about binge watching Netflix or Hulu, I can’t do that, but I am pretty sure I could binge-read a book or series of books.

I’ve been thinking about the purpose of my blog, and while part of it will be how I interact with the internet, I think at least one post a week (or bi-weekly) should be dedicated to the book I’m reading at the moment. I need to get back to my passion. I need to get my nose back into a book. šŸ™‚