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girl waits with gun

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A.K.A. Pick Your Battles

A.K.A. Bitch Better Have My Money

A.K.A. I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T Do You Know What That Means

Amy Stewart has found such an interesting topic for a book. This book tackles so many women’s issues that we take for granted in present times.

Living Alone As Women
These three ladies are living alone on a farm during an era when women should either be married or taken care of by male family members. The number of times they are not taken seriously due to the lack of a male presence in their lives got on my nerves even though I understood the setting of the book. It was like watching what three Jo Marches would do if they lived together. (Team Jo all the way. Fuck Amy.)

I mean, these things still happen today. Who doesn’t have at least one friend or relative who is constantly asking when you are getting married/having kids? At least today we can tell those people to fuck off without being diagnosed with hysteria and sent to a crazy house for ladies who can’t keep their shit together.

Women’s Reproductive Rights
Something happens in this book that you see coming without realizing you saw it coming, and it is interesting to see how it plays out. It’s presented in a very low key way, and the way this family deals with it is so nice and strong that you want to cheer, especially for Norma, who I totally related to the entire book. Bitch is Mike Tyson-ing the hell out of those pigeons.

Job Prospects/Remuneration
A woman ask for a job? Pursue a job? A job that wasn’t working in a factory or some kind of seamstress or secretary field? A woman demands something that is due to her? This book made me root for these girls to keep the guns and get good at using them so they could defend other women who couldn’t speak for themselves.

So many awesome topics that give us a peek into what life was like for nontraditional women in this time period. That was what kept me hooked throughout the book, I was kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop. When would they have to move in with their brother Francis? When would Fleurette have to work in the dye mills? Would Norma have to get married? None of these things happened, and I was equal parts disappointed and relieved.

You know what did happen? I got excessively bored. If I could assign a color to this book, it would be bright grey. It took me a week and a half to get through the last 50 pages and I rushed through them so I could get back on track with these reviews. Issa Rae’s book has been screaming at me from my library book pile, which didn’t make the process any easier. When I searched for a picture of the cover of this book, it appears that it is only the first book in a series, and while I did not hate it, I honestly can’t imagine reading the next one. It was a nice read and you should read it to see if you like it. It was the grilled chicken breast of books. Enjoy!


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