The Red Car


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It will be difficult to explain how this book affected me. It is the typical story of girl making it through life but then circumstances take her on a journey through her past where she rediscovers herself and maybe even comes to desire a different future in the process. It’s the story of a shock to the system, waking a woman stuck in a rut and jarring her into the life she deserves. Few of us get that kind of wake up call.

Marcy Dermansky made me want more. I saw myself in Leah, although the major difference is that in my own career and education I was not so wishy washy about what I wanted to do. My success and survival often depended on the kindness of strangers and at least once a week I regret leaving Arizona because of how much I loved being there and with the people that I came to know and love.

This is the perfect book for the thirty-something woman who thinks she is like 87% settled but has some regrets. It’s like Eat, Pray, Love but for the broke, bored, depressed woman. A more relatable, realistic journey. Sometimes you make your own decisions to make things better. Sometimes someone helps you along. This was a beautiful book about escaping what makes you unhappy, while accepting that some things will never change, but in some cases new beginnings are possible.

It’s a short read too! Go for it and enjoy. 🙂


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