Ill Will: Angry Angel Abandonment


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This book is presented from several different points of view throughout, and in several different time periods. It focuses mainly on Dustin and those around him in his youth and in his adulthood. On a Yellowstone trip with his family when he was in his teens his parents and his aunt and uncle were murdered and his adopted older brother Russell was convicted of their murders due to (false?) testimony given by Dustin and his two cousins.

We bounce back and forth between the story leading up to those past murders and present day, where Dustin is a therapist with two sons, one of which (Aaron) is in contact with Russell, who has been exonerated by the Innocence Project after 30 years in jail. Dustin has a client, Aqil, a police officer on leave who has been mandated to receive counseling for something he won’t reveal to Dustin, but instead brings a theory related to college age frat bros who seem to be ULTRA intoxicated and drowning on a regular basis and without reason.

You’ll be asking who really committed the murder of the parents and relatives that night in Dustin’s youth? Is this series of drowning drunk college students really a serial killer? What happened to Aaron’s friend Rabbit? Will Russell seek revenge? All of these questions are steeped in a very regular, normal, slightly disturbing American reality, where families seem to do the best they can. A quote from the book that kept me hanginging on was that poor people pass down damage like rich people pass down inheritance, and I knew that something intense must be coming.

And then it’s possible that you’ll get bored and put the book down. The reason I don’t read a lot of thrillers is because sometimes authors require me to hold out longer than I want to, when I want the reveal right goddamn now thanks I have things to do. I mean, how long should we really put off the climax? (I’m sorry)

So tonight I put it down. When it got to the point where it felt like I was forcing myself to read I said to myself “I’m doing this so I can enjoy reading and if I’m not enjoying it then I need to do as I counsel others to do and put it down.” If you have more reading stamina than I do you might want to pick it up and give it a go when it is released on March 7th. But this book has been abandoned due to reduction of suspense, boredom, and excessive delay of climax.


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