Bon Anniversaire


Today is my birthday. It can’t go without saying that this past year has not been the best. My political and advocacy muscles are not well developed and so dealing with this election and its fallout has been very difficult. Knowing what I need to do/should do while understanding what I am capable of doing is a constant internal struggle for me.

It should be no surprise that I woke up on my 34th birthday and thought “omg I’m not even halfway to being naturally done.” The world is a giant dumpster fire and it is very difficult to see how things happening right now will be affecting my life into old age. Just as I seem to be making strides towards overcoming financial difficulty, the horizon taunts me with cat food and homelessness. It is tough to find things to look forward to when celebrating another trip around the sun in 2017.

So I try to have things in my day to day life that I can turn away from the world to smile at and take comfort in. This blog brings be a lot of joy. I love reading as much as I do and sharing it with the world. Jeff Zentner (of The Serpent King) retweeted my review and replied to me about it and it absolutely made my heart smile. It was a great birthday eve present.

Screenshot 2017-03-13 at 2.34.26 PM

These books take me to other lands, allow me to experience different points of view and journeys I may never take. When the world I live in seems too heavy I can pick up a book and go someplace else for a little while. For me, reading is very different from watching TV or movies; when I read I feel transported, I feel like a part of the story.

So until the summer comes and makes the pool usable, reading is my coping mechanism. A quiet spot, something to drink, and a good book. I feel grateful for another year to share my passion with all of you. Here’s to 34. Cheers.