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Okay I know, it’s two white guys, but stick with me. This podcast is easily one of the funniest things I’ve listened to so far and to write it off because there is a lack of diversity in the creators would be a huge mistake. The Dollop is a whole lot of fun.

So the premise is this: Dave Anthony looks up a weird story about a person or event from American history, and then tells that story to Gareth, who isn’t informed about the topic. So the hilarity ensues when Gareth reacts to the details of the story and adds his improvisational flair to the already ridiculous subject matter.

I know you think you know the depths to which the United States of Ridiculous goes but you don’t. I promise.  There are stories that they tell that are absolutely real and you won’t be able to believe that they are real. This podcast will teach you more about our history than you ever wanted to know, but it does it in such a hilarious way that you won’t want them to stop.

Something else that is enjoyable is that it’s fairly low rent. It’s done in a home or garage, and Jose the kitten sometimes joins us! An inside joke is that Gareth doesn’t want to be called Gary, so of course everyone calls him that.

It’s not a podcast I could listen to every day, but it’s a nice treat and good for a laugh. Especially if you like laughing in the face of unbelievably horrifying historical tales. If you haven’t already, please check them out.

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