On Podcasts: All the Books! (Book Riot)

All the Books


Book Riot is an expansive website that covers all things books. It’s what I wish I could be with my own podcast Based on the Book, just in a smaller way. They write tons of articles on old books, new books, favorite books, lists of books, ideas drawn from books, you name it! This particular podcast is dedicated solely to weekly new releases, recommending those that seem worthy to the hosts.

I think that eventually this will be a very valuable podcast for me to keep up with once I get to the point that I am reviewing mostly new releases or ARCs. I get what I can but I just can’t afford to keep up. But at some point I expect to be reading 1-2 new releases as they come out, and hearing what these ladies think about them will help me in my research and the information I provide for you, my loyal readers. I’m always especially interested when the big names (e.g. The New York Times Book Review) has a vastly different opinion than mine, so adding Book Riot to my explorations will be interesting too.

These podcasts remind me of how small I am, but they also motivate me to be better and to find something that is uniquely Angry Angel Books. What I’m doing is already being done in this giant podcasting bubble, often better than I could possibly do due to equipment and time constraints, so I have to find a way to stand out. I’m only on episode 9, so I’m still evolving, but listening to all these other podcasts is definitely opening my eyes and giving me ideas.

If new releases are your thing and you have to have the fresh, new content, check out All the Books! and they’ll keep you in the know.