Rock You Like A Hurricane

Thanks for being here with me in my first full week back at Angry Angel Books. I am 4 weeks into the school year and I’ve found a nice, steady rhythm and routine. I’ve also got my podcast up and back too, which makes me feel good. I am currently reading 4 books, including 2 new releases, the next book in The Dark Tower series, and a memoir for the Memoir Monday series.

But of course, once I have something built and settled, something comes along that threatens to knock all the knick-knacks off the shelf. We have been watching Hurricane Irma very closely, and her current track seems to be moving further west, which would impact us more strongly in the Tampa Bay area. I am expecting to lose power, and we are preparing for a possible water outage as well due to storm surge. Any use of phones or other electronics will be limited to listening to updates (we were too late for a hand crank/battery emergency radio) via TuneIn or some other radio app or calling for help if we need it.

Luckily, my squirrel, poor person tendencies made us go out Sunday and we got BOGO soups and 2-24 packs of bottled water before there was even a rush on anything. I am so fucking thankful that we did, otherwise we’d be in a sore spot right now. So in terms of food/water we are in a good place. We have tons of games and books and coloring books to keep us occupied should the power go out, and those electronics that cannot access 4G internet can be used for music, movies, or books if we need to zone out for an hour. We’ve saved music and movies on a thumb drive that we can watch them on without having to stream the content.

We were able to fill up the husband’s Prius, and my X-Terra has about 3/4 of a tank right now, so in terms of gas or possible evacuation we are also in good condition. We have food, water, gas, medicine, and pet food. We do not have the capability to board up our windows, but we do have safe areas of the house to be in during the most dangerous times to avoid glass/roof danger. We are taking every precaution short of evacuating.

I am terrified, but my coping mechanisms are working at capacity to keep me from falling apart so I can help the husband get everything ready. My anxiety and depression are trying to make me sleep but I just can’t, there is too much to do. Please keep the husband, our two cats, two dogs, and myself in your thoughts. If your life pulls you to religion, prayers are fine too, I’m not going to turn away good thoughts. ūüôā All we can do now is survive this. I will try to keep you updated on Twitter and Facebook – if you want to keep up with my status please follow me on Twitter here:¬†¬†and on Facebook here:¬†

I will update as much as I can. Thank you for being a part of this community. You mean so much to me. If you are in danger too, please be safe. We will do our best to get through this.

Signing off for the weekend.


  1. Good luck! Hoping that it doesn’t affect you much.
    I did LOL at “squirrel tendencies,” but that was smart of you to stock up – I’ve heard gas is in short supply in FL right now too.


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