Hurricane Irma: The Aftermath

If there truly is a god then by the time this posts we will have our power back. However, if Duke Energy has anything to say about it we won’t have it restored until Friday, because there is no god. We have been out of power since Sunday night around 8:15pm and I am certain that one more night with no AC is going to cause the husband to murder me in my sleep. I am also certain that one more night without AC would have me welcoming the sweet embrace of death, so it’s a win-win! JK I long for death all the time. Smiley face!

Luckily we didn’t lose water. So we can still drink from the tap and shower and that’s a huge help. We bought a lot of bottled water and froze a lot of water just in case, so we would have been prepared. We also bought a ton of canned soups, and with the cool camping pot holder thing I bought on Amazon we can basically cook whatever. I think if the power stays out longer I might go get some eggs for breakfast.


Tonight (Tuesday) a friend that lives close by that has power has invited us over and we are charging everything. Phones, computers, secondary chargers, tablets, everything. We’re also going to have pizza. It’s basically the best night of my life since Sunday. This morning we took a drive to get Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, and we found D batteries at the grocery store, where we also got sub sandwiches.  Basically today, aside from sitting in a hot house for a long time, was pretty good. Fingers crossed for power to come back asap though.

Enjoy a book review tomorrow, and episode 10 of Based on the Book is up also. I’ll be off Friday, returning next week with another set of fun and exciting content! Or not, it’s all based on you. 🙂


  1. Hang in there, girl (and guy, and dogs and cats). Sending prayers to the power gods. We lost our AC for about a week during a swampy Chicago-area heatwave this summer and I thought I was going to lose my mind. Feeling your pain.


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