On Podcasts: My Dad Wrote a Porno



As many of you know I am in a book club group on Facebook founded by the great Samantha Irby (of Meaty and We Are Never Meeting in Real Life fame), but books aren’t all we talk about. On occasion the topic moves to other media, and with podcasts being in one of the largest media bubbles I have ever seen, often we discuss those that we enjoy the most.

A podcast that I kept seeing on lists but that I had never tried was today’s topic: My Dad Wrote a Porno. Everyone kept saying it was hilarious and so, finally, I got around to listening.

It is pretty funny. It’s a group of three British people (two guys and a woman) reading a chapter per episode of the host’s dad’s self-published erotica novel (soon to be a series if the information shared in the first episode becomes real) and making fun of the writing style, word choices, anatomy faux pas, and the limits on erotic interaction that only being a man in his 60s can elicit. His dad wrote a porno, and it’s so bad it’s good to make fun of and make a podcast about.

It is erotic, and I am not squeamish or puritanical enough to avoid it, but the truth is that there are other, funnier, less graphic things to listen to and so after listening to the first episode of this podcast I decided that I would get my laughs elsewhere. I don’t have a lot of time in my day and if I have the option, I would rather not listen to vaginas being described as popping open like tupperware and then laughing because “gosh isn’t that dumb, old guys really don’t understand female anatomy LOLOLOL.”

It wasn’t for me, but it was funny and it might be for you. Check out the first episode to see for yourself.