Prodigy (Legend #2)


Legend (Legend #1)

Our story picks up right where it left off: with our heros on a train bound for the border of the Nevada district on their way to meet with the Patriots to arrange for safe passage to the colonies. They meet up with Kaede and the Patriots who talk them into being part of an assassination attempt on the new Elector Primo of the Republic, Anden, who became the new leader after his father’s death.

June is torn between her lifelong (15 years) devotion to the Republic and her need to get revenge for her family and to protect others that might be harmed. Day is still angry about his family’s murder and his younger brother’s capture, and is highly motivated to work with June and the Patriots to carry out this plot and overturn the Republic.

Still simmering is this idea that plague viruses are being created, tested, and vaccines developed as mutations occur, but that theme was far in the background in this second novel of the trilogy so I’m kind of worried about whether everything is still under control.

Once June is with Anden, she discovers that he’s not his father and that something isn’t quite right about how the Patriots are planning to kill him. She signals Day to call it off, and they escape through the tunnels into the Colonies.

I don’t want to give away the ending to this book. The twist took me completely by surprise and, given our current situation in the U.S., hit a very raw nerve. I was surprised and shocked and enjoyed the fast journey through the last 50 pages. The first three quarters of the book definitely suffered from the sophomore slump, but the story was still compelling enough to keep me interested and reading.

I don’t understand the title. Legend I got, because Day was a legend in the Republic and his mystery and June’s dilemma drove the plot. Prodigy doesn’t really link to anything we see in this second book, so while it’s exciting on the outside, it’s really unhelpful when gauging what the book might be about.

This is a fun trilogy so far and I’ll be requesting the third book to see how it ends. If you’re looking for a dystopian version of America that isn’t our current reality, with an interesting storyline that asks a lot of important questions, then go get you some. You won’t be disappointed.


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