No Book Nook: Wayfair Chairs

I had a lot of students miss a test due to Senior Skip Day so on Tuesday I was after school with about 10 of my best and brightest, monitoring them making up said test. I had completed all my work for the day and was bored and decided to browse for comfy chairs. I have had an IKEA chair that I love since I lived in Arizona (about 10 years ago) and both the husband and I have been talking about getting something more cozy for both of our office/game rooms.

I did not expect to be so entertained. (All chairs are linked to the website.)

First of all, what the fuck is this? Because it sure as shit doesn’t look like a chair and doesn’t seem to warrant the price tag of $273.

Weird Chair 1

(Thanks to Maggie Smith for the stick people attempting to navigate demon chair.)

Also I have my doubts about whatever this is pretending to be at $241:

Weird Chair 2.jpg

I found where the set designers for Men in Black found their test taking egg chairs for $489:

Weird Chair 3.jpg


And I decided that I might want to get into the evil villain kind of decor, so I am considering this at a cool $1,300:

Weird Chair 4.jpg

In all seriousness though I am thinking about a chair that I could lounge in to read and play video games, so feel free to make suggestions or share links of chairs you love in the comments. I hope you got as big a laugh out of these chairs (and their prices!) as I did.