The Merry Spinster: Tales of Everyday Horror

Merry Spinster

New release 3-13-2018

Here at Angry Angel Books the question I get asked all the time is “Why are you angry? What are you angry at?” Honestly I have a lot of trouble answering this question in the moment, but really the answer is more open and generalized. I want to float in on my amazing Victoria’s Secret wings and be angry with you. I want to vent about anything you are angry about and offer to seek out vengeance with you. Nothing makes me feel more happy and powerful than commiserating with other people, complaining, and then getting angry at a common enemy. That feels so fucking good.

Tangentially I think my anger is about so many themes that are prominent right now: equality of all kinds, safety, sexual and medical freedoms. I am angry that these things don’t exist for everyone, and that anger (and to be honest, fear too) motivates me to stay focused and keep writing, specifically about how the books I am reading could help grow understanding on these issues and bring not only enjoyment but action as well.

Now let’s talk about, and to, Daniel Mallory Ortberg.

Dearest Daniel how did you write fairy tales and children’s stories in exactly the way my soul feels at this moment in history? My spirit looked exactly like the thing in the cover art as I devoured the stories of characters that GET THEIRS. You wrote how we should GO FOR IT instead of coping or dealing with it and, more importantly, MAKE THEM PAY if necessary.

This collection of rewritten stories made me feel like I could get not only what I desired, but also the revenge that I am owed. AND I AM OWED.

This is a collection of stories for adult women who want to just be ANGRY, but in a constructive way?

I’m not doing this book justice in any way. I just…I just enjoyed it. I enjoyed it like the wicked queen probably enjoyed watching Snow White fall after taking the bite out of the poisoned apple. I enjoyed it like I enjoyed watching Sam Nunberg flop about on MSNBC last week. This collection scratched an itch so deep in my soul that I felt only satisfaction at the conclusion of each story.

After a few I whispered to myself: Fuck yes.

Let this book shock you. Let this book entertain you. Let this book take you to a place where you are out for YOU and fuck everyone else.

Go get you some.


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