Pardon Our Dust

As you have probably noticed my posts have been few and far between since the end of this summer. With the start of the school year plus the pandemic, my mental energies have been exhausted. My body and mind have mostly adjusted to the increase is stress at this point, and as I approach the turn of the new year I’ve been thinking about how I can return to a better reading/reviewing schedule while coping with this new reality.

The first step I made was to peruse the 2021 “most anticipated” book lists that are currently out and make a list. Then I visited the website of a few independent bookstores and decided to patronize Jenny Lawson’s Nowhere Bookshop for my first order. I preordered some books that looked interesting to me that were due for publication in January and February and supported a small business in the process. In February I’ll return to preorder the March and April books, and so on and so forth.

Next I’ll be taking the month of December to work on a redesign of the website. I need some new pictures and a new look. This won’t be a relaunch per se, but like the rearrangement of the furniture in my livingroom, I want the space to feel new, even though it’s the same stuff in the same location. During this process the website might look a little funky if you visit while I’m working on it. Don’t worry, all the dust should settle by January 1.

I started this blog because I love to read and I love to write, and I wanted something I loved to get me through what promised to be a hellscape future after the election of 2016. This year the hellscape became too powerful and knocked me down. The only thing to do is to get back up and get back to it. I feel excited and hopeful and am looking forward to what 2021 books will have to offer.

So for the next month please pardon our dust. We’re preparing for a big year in 2021.