WandaVision: On A Very Special Episode…(Ep. 5)

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This week’s episode kind of killed it for me, and not in a good way like “Man that was awesome, you’re killing it!” This episode combined our outside knowledge with the sitcom setup and destroyed everything I had previously liked about the show.

Outside the white man in charge is doing what all white men in charge in the MCU are wont to do: blow shit up to solve the problem fast. They drone in a missle that Wanda disarms and walks out of the forcefield, warning them to leave her alone. This plays into the idea from last episode that Wanda is in charge of everything inside, but that idea doesn’t last either. Agnes is WAY too prominent in this episode to be only a side character in the neighborhood, and the constant use of “her voice was in my head” instead of “Wanda’s voice was inside my head” from the other characters of the show points to a pretty serious misdirect. We all assume it’s Wanda because her powers do this kind of thing, but what if it’s not? What if it’s something else taking advantage of Wanda’s grief and desire to be left alone? Then the question is, if so, to what end?

Well, this episode isn’t subtle about the answer to that question either. The theme of the “Very Special Episode” is that death is a normal part of life. The twins find a dog, name it Sparky, and by the end of the episode it runs away and Agnes finds it eating poisonous leaves of her flower bushes and it dies. First of all, TRIGGER WARNING GODDAMN, and second of all: this is Agnes testing Wanda to see if her powers can be used to bring beings back from the dead. Agnes sounds surprised and a little disappointed when the twins ask Wanda to bring Sparky back and she says she can’t.

Also Wanda doesn’t seem to have control over Vision. He’s slowly peeling back the layers of their reality and is quickly learning that something is very wrong. I’m wondering what will happen when he finds out he’s really a zombie. I have a small theory that since Wanda’s powers were given to her by the mind stone and Vision requires the mind stone to live, they have this symbiotic relationship now and that’s why he’s “alive.”

Oh and the ~reveal~? WHO CARES?? Disney got the rights to the X-Men, what did you expect to happen?

I’m disappointed though because in episodes 1-4 I was curious about what was going to happen next. After episode 5 I still don’t care about Wanda or Vision, and now I don’t care about what comes next either. Just get to the Doctor Strange movie that has to do with the multiverse and let Wanda and Vision be happy. I’m bored.

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