WandaVision: Breaking the Fourth Wall (Ep.7)

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All right, angels, we have FINALLY reached an episode that was EXTREMELY my jam. The Office/Modern Family feel grabbed me from the beginning and I was enjoying myself all the way to the catchy spoiler song. If you’ve managed to remain unspoiled about this episode this long, kudos to you because that shit has been EVERYWHERE this week.

We all knew who the bad guy was. Admit it to yourself, you knew all along (*cackle*) and this reveal made you feel smart and informed. The casting directors could not have picked a better actor to play Agatha, she’s 100% amazing from top to bottom, beginning to end.

The questions fueling my desire to watch the next episode:
1. Vision and Darcy are still out there unawares of Agatha’s scheming, what will they do?
2. What did Agatha do to Wanda with her purple-y junk?
3. What’s with the rabbit?
4. What superhero has Monica become now that her cells are rewritten?
5. Where are the twins? Because they sure as shit weren’t in the basement.

That’s all I’ve got to say on this one. I’m actually excited to watch this week’s episode.

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