The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: The Star-Spangled Man (Ep. 2)

What’s the right way to say that I am bored with this show? My students ask me all the time what I like, what I’m into, and that list is so fucking short because I just can’t seem to get into anything.

This show is all one color: Grey.

I want more of Bucky and less of Sam. I am with Bucky: how could Sam not take the shield and carry on the legacy? Even if he didn’t, he could have kept the shield safe from the kind of showboating that this episode brought to the fore.

How much more obvious could it be that this new “Captain America” will become a villain along with his “Falcon” sidekick? It leaves nothing to the imagination and if you’ve read my reviews you know that I need some kind of element of mystery. That’s what kept me watching WandaVision even when I didn’t care about the characters.

The episode had its moments: the issue of racism pervaded throughout, their couples/grief counseling session, the appearance of the true person behind the Flag Smashers. But none of it was so interesting that it made me want to keep watching the show. If the husband wasn’t insisting on watching it I would just stop and keep up with the weekly synopses that I can get out on the internet.

This episode was BORING. The fight scenes were BORING. The tension between the boys and the new Cap is BORING because we know how it’s going to end. The tension between the boys is BORING because we know how that’s going to resolve. There’s no mystery, just fan service and predictable story points.

I wish I had better news. I was really excited for this show, especially after I wasn’t that into WandaVision. Maybe there’s a huge reveal yet to come or some crazy twist that will knock me off my feet. I hope so. But for right now I am BORED with these sweet angel babies that could be so much more.

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