The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: One World, One People (Ep. 6)

You might be saying, “but Amanda, where’s your review for episode 5?” and you’re right, I didn’t write one, because I have never seen such a boring episode of a superhero anything in my entire life, and I suffered through Batman vs. Superman. I almost ripped the remote out of the husband’s hand to turn it off when the Rocky-style montage started. Everything I had to say ended with WHY IS THIS SO BORING JESUS CHRIST so I decided not to waste an entire review on it and just address it quickly here.

Do I have anything new to say about the finale? No. This entire run was just one drab color, the energy never waxing or waning, and everything so predictable that you probably didn’t even need to watch it after the first couple of episodes. Fake Captain America was a complete disaster who was working side by side with them in the end??? After he murdered that guy??? And Bucky lets him clap him on the shoulder??? I have an angry and confusion. (Also LOL at his new anti-hero name what a douche.)

While the racism theme felt VERY heavy handed to me, I know America well enough to know that for most people if you aren’t that heavy handed they will just miss it entirely and go back to their lives without taking away the lesson. I found it preachy, others will find a wake up call, and because this is America, others will complain that Captain America is Steve Rogers and no one else and not realize that what they are saying is that a black man can’t be a major superhero in this universe and their inherent racism is showing, which they will deny, perpetuating the cycle. But I digress.

Who was the villain in this series? Can you name it? Him? Her? It wasn’t Fake Captain America, and I’m not really sure it was the freckled girl from that Solo movie that only extreme Star War fans recognized. Perhaps it was “governments”? Or maybe “borders”? If I had to put a finger on it I would say it was desperation, but you can’t see that and without a clear villain this kind of show is like a deflated balloon farting around. And I do not give a flipping rat’s ass about Sharon as the Power Broker. And who the hell is the Seinfeld woman supposed to be? Over and over again watching this show I kept asking myself WHO CARES ABOUT ANY OF THIS???

This show should have just been called The Falcon, or maybe Finding Captain America. I know for sure that Winter Soldier shouldn’t have been in the title because I got exactly nothing I wanted from Bucky’s storyline. They marketed this show as a buddy cop show, with Sam and Bucky’s love/hate banter entertaining us as they fight. What we got was a racism parable with Bucky along for the ride. They completely abandoned any of his development 2 episodes in, and I was in this for the Falcon AND the Winter Soldier. This was a huge problem for me. Racism may be complex as fuck, but Bucky’s history is just as tangled and I wanted to see it unwound and rewoven into something new. All I got was a couple of therapy sessions and a strong sidekick. DISAPPOINTMENT.

This show says some important things in the most boring way possible, with characters that I care not a whit about, and I’m not sure that the important things are worth the boredom. Not for me anyway. For others, perhaps the message will get through. I’m just glad it’s over.

PS: There is no way the Wakandans would have sent Sam out there with that headpiece. There’s nothing to hold it up! It would be constantly rolling down! Not a fan of that part of the costume.


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