Loki: Glorious Purpose/The Variant

We were on vacation in a place where internet was scarce so we missed the first two episodes of Loki. I am now caught up, and I have some thoughts.

  1. It was absolutely fantastic to see Loki 100% terrified. He’s finally gotten himself into a situation where his tricks and powers can’t help him. And this is New York Avengers Loki, so he hasn’t grown like we saw him grow in the movies following.
  2. I was glad to see what Loki cared about. His mother, his father, Thor, his own future. Until now all Loki has seemed to want was power and destruction, so to be given moments of calm and sadness in “Glorious Purpose” helped to soften his edges a bit. It made me care about this Loki, and interested in finding out what he does with this information.
  3. The buddy cop element with Luke Wilson is funny and they have very good on-screen chemistry together. In “The Variant” when we find out who is causing all the problems with the time agents, it was nice to see Luke Wilson stand up for Loki and include him as an essential element in the missions.
  4. Everyone was saying how WandaVision was setting up the Dr. Strange Multiverse of Madness movie, but now that I’ve seen the first two episodes of Loki I don’t think it even scratched the surface. This series shows specifically how the multiverse will get out of control and I would bet dollars to doughnuts that Dr. Strange makes a cameo in Loki.

Overall I am intrigued. I’m not invested yet, but I am a fan of Loki as a character so I will watch more. The reveal at the end of “The Variant” (Ep. 2) made me excited to see what comes next. If you liked Loki in the phase 1- 4 movies, you’ll want to give this series a try.


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