Loki: The Nexus Event/Journey Into Mystery

If the TV show Loki was a book I would have put it down after the first 50%. But I live in a house where the husband watches everything, and so I watched the next two episodes and I was bored here as well.

I don’t want to take up too much of your time simply writing “I’m Bored” over and over, but I do have a few quibbles with the pacing of the show. We see Loki falling for the female version of himself (Sylvie’s Nexus event probably being her passing into puberty – just being a woman Loki made her a variant) and as I’ve said before about movies, books, and shows is that you need to give me more than ten minutes to believe that a character is in love with another character, let alone basically being in love with himself. Going from “Glorious Purpose” to completely vulnerable in what is basically 24 hours is a bit of a stretch.

I did enjoy the multiple Lokis that were caught in the void at the end of time. Alligator Loki has quite the following now, and I’m sure we’ll see Kid Loki again in a young Avengers show or something along those lines. I am interested in whoever is beyond the void at the end of time, writing the sacred timeline forward (or weaving the multiple timelines together maybe?), and Sylvie’s enchantment of the large, purple sky monster was impressive.

Overall I just have this attitude that can be summed up as “why do we need this?” Why do we need this Loki story? Other than popping in a bunch of content that will probably be utilized in movie form later, why is this story important for us to see and know? We’ve already seen Loki mourn his mother, his father, and become a hero of Asgard. We’ve seen him and Thor become true brothers, and perhaps Loki is more about saving than about destroying when he meets his end. We’ve traveled this path with Loki already through all the movies. Other than turning the audience into a focus group for the most viral Loki content to farm for later, what’s this series’ Glorious Purpose?

Unfortunately, I don’t think it has one beyond just that: finding out what people like and then cashing in on that later in phase 5. If you haven’t watched Loki yet, just google the synopses of the episodes and save yourself the boredom.


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