Loki: For All Time. Always.

I’m going to keep this brief, because I feel like my time was wasted watching this series and I don’t want to waste any more of your time complaining about it.

Loki could have been completely absent from this story and it still could have been a good story. In fact, I wish the show had been called Time Agents or something like that and instead of watching Loki ~*~discover themselves~*~ we see the history of Kang the Conqueror and how the TVA came to be. Maybe instead of a weird moving clay story that takes 3 minutes, GIVE US A SHOW THAT IMMERSES US IN THAT CONFLICT.

You could have even done side by side episodes: Loki moving forward, Kang moving to consolidate the timeline, with the tension being when will these two stories collide and what will happen when they do? And by the way, I had to look up who Jonathan Masters’ character was, and I’m sorry the audience this is playing to isn’t going to be up to date with their Marvel Comics so maybe introduce the Thanos Replacement Villain a little bit better and less vague so we are…scared? Nervous? Curious?

When we first meet Thanos it’s after a huge battle in New York (Avengers #1) and we learn it’s only a taste of what he is planning to unleash. I mean we all thought “ballsack chin” too, but in terms of the Marvel Universe there were stakes now. The Avengers barely made it through this battle, how would they ever defeat the Mad Titan behind it all?

As I said in my last review, this show is not about Loki. It’s about throwing a bunch of information at the wall to see what sticks for future content, and to introduce this new villain. This series has done Loki a terrible disservice and it was not marketed as this kind of show. In fact, this is the same complaint I had about the marketing of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: I was promised a buddy cop show and laughs and what I got was a show about racism with too many side stories so the whole show didn’t feel important like it should of, it felt noisy and flat, especially with the forgone conclusion that Sam would indeed become the new Captain America.

With Loki I was promised a buddy cop type situation too, with Loki and Mobius working together to right events in time and what I got was a therapy session where Loki explores himself, herself, the alligator self, until I guess they had to write an ending? I wasn’t promised what I got, and so I was confused and mad and bored because I felt like we were going to a very different place than where we went. And we’re supposed to be excited for another season of this? No.

Loki is hands down the worst show of the three that they put out. WandaVision was the best and Falcon/Winter Soldier was a mushy, wishy washy 2nd place. Lots of shrugs here, and I’m just left wishing for better. I feel like we all deserve better after so many years of storytelling. This is supposed to be the start of a new era. It’s a weak beginning.


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