Back in the Trenches

Here in Florida we go back to school in early August. Teachers get a week for planning and set up, and then the students return. I’ve spent the last week of July stressing about this impending beginning. I’ve been watching our governor ban face mask mandates so the school districts can’t implement one without being completely defunded at the state level, which is where most of the money for education nationwide comes from (which is why you should pay attention to your local government elections!). I’m not here to get too political, but I will say that we’re about to stuff a lot of kids who can’t get vaccinated back into sardine cans with each other and Florida just reported over 20,000 cases in a single day so…yeah. It’s not great.

I am currently reading several books (scroll down and the list is in the right menu) but my brain is in panic mode so it’s slow going. Reviews will be sporadic for the next couple of weeks, but once I’m back into a routine things’ll be back to the normal 2-3 reviews per week. Thanks for always being patient with me around this time of year.


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