Furious Angel Book Club 2023

Welcome to the Furious Angel Book Club! Brand new this year, followers from around the country and perhaps around the world can come together and talk about books.

To give people a chance to familiarize themselves with my Patreon and Ko-Fi, this first set of 3 book club meetings will be available to Patrons/Members at any level of membership. Become a monthly supporter of Angry Angel Books for as low as $3 a month on either platform and join our community to discuss these fantastic fantasy novels. A poll will be available to help nail down our meeting dates, but for now plan on the last Saturday or Sunday of each month. (Please note that books will only be provided for Enraged Angel memberships even during this initial period.)

To start the year we’ll be reading Leigh Bardugo’s original Grisha trilogy. I’ve chosen these books primarily because they are very popular, fast reads that should be readily available for purchase and borrowable from your local public library. I have linked their Amazon purchase locations below.

I’ve chosen these books for another reason too: Shadow and Bone Season 1 is currently on Netflix, and Shadow and Bone Season 2 is releasing on Netflix on March 16th. Season 1 is primarily Shadow and Bone’s story, while Season 2 has been described as a combination of Siege and Storm and Ruin and Rising. At our March book club meeting, we’ll be discussing the show along with the books!

Join the Furious Angel Book Club today!

January: Shadow and Bone

February: Siege and Storm

March: Ruin and Rising

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