What’s Up This Month? May 2023

Welcome to the May 2023 monthly update! Let’s get to it!

Join me as I lead the second Angry Angel Book Club meeting at 6pm EDT on Thursday May 4, 2023. This second meeting will be an open discussion about what we like, what we’ve read, and what we would recommend to others. I will be giving recommendations and introducing some of my most recent reads and new releases. As a special incentive, those who attend will also be given exclusive early access to the Angry Angel Books section of my brand new Discord server, available more broadly on June 1st.
Meeting Link: https://www.twitch.tv/angryangel_03

This month I have four advance copies that have been granted to me by publishers via the website NetGalley. Dragonfall (The Dragon Scales Trilogy #1) by L.R. Lam has a release date of May 2nd, and Samantha Irby’s next essay collection Quietly Hostile is due out on May 16th. Savage Beasts by Rani Selvaraja isdue out May 23rd, and Witch King, the newest book by the famed Murderbot series author Martha Wells is available May 30th.

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All sessions in May will begin at 6:00pm EDT (eastern time) and you can tune in here:


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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom comes out on May 12th, and once it does I’ll be following the above schedule. Until then, here is what to expect at the beginning of May:

Wednesday May 3: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Friday May 5: God of War
Sunday May 7: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Wednesday May 10: God of War

I have several projects in the works at the moment. I have two quilts that are ready for binding: my rainbow throw and the dinosaur quilt I made for my nephew (see above).

The unicorn/rainbow quilt (not pictured) I am making for my niece is in the backing/quilting stage.

I have begun a project requested by the husband (see the triangles above): last weekend I sewed together an assortment of 288 squares (two triangles together), and this weekend I’ll be ironing, trimming, and sewing more triangles on those squares.

I am not ready to launch an Etsy store just yet (soon! hopefully by the summer!) but you can follow me on Instagram for all my crafting pics and content: https://www.instagram.com/angryangelcrafts/ (@angryangelcrafts in the app). I am accepting custom orders and have a menu of patterns I know I can do well. Feel free to reach out to angryangelcrafts at gmail dot com if you are interested in a handmade quilt!

That’s it for this month. Thank you for supporting me! Have a great May!