Doctor Strange


Oh man do I love me some Bandybars Candycorn. From Star Trek to Sherlock I will go watch just about everything he is in. He’s multifaceted, he’s brilliant, and watching him act is watching a work of art come to life right in front of you. I wish we could have seen him live while we were in London, but his Hamlet had already left the theaters.

I also enjoy the Marvel movies. Wait…let me qualify: I like the initial Marvel movies, the first ones of each series. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Avengers – all the non sequels are excellent. I was nervous about this movie though, because Doctor Strange is a little off the beaten path for most fans, but he’s necessary to the Infinity Gauntlet storyline leading up to the Infinity War movies so, here we go.


Once you get past Butterball Clickerflick being a rich egomaniac who drives distracted and basically ruins his career, we see him get to become a real boy with empathy under the tutelage of Tilda Swinton, who is actually pretty hilarious for being a terrifying white lady. He learns to use magic through two finger brass knuckles and uses his amazing intelligence to read all the things and almost mess up some stuff by sniffing too far into things that have created the nemesis they are fighting.

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It’s basically a movie about a magical Iron Man: the intelligence and cockiness without the high tech inventor skills, but also finding a way to hold onto his attitude while using it for good instead of assholery. Even the cape offers some levity, I think I laughed harder at the cape than anything else in the movie.

The ending is good, and there are two credits scenes, one at the beginning and one at the end. It was an enjoyable movie, but I left at the end feeling the weariness that comes from seeing the same formula, the same story, the same shit over and over.  How many Spidermen are we going to have to sit through before they get it right? Do we really need more Thor movies? What happens when this is all over? What will be the next money grab, the next multiverse of movies and sequels? J.K. Rowling is already trying to get that cash with this new Fantastic Beasts thing (5 more of them? FIVE?) and I’m just not about that life.

Despite all that it was a fun movie, and I was glad I went to see it. This Thanksgiving season when you need to get out of the house, let Benedict Cumberbatch entertain you for a couple of hours. We have tough times ahead, take your joy where you can find it.


  1. Why did you call him those nicknames at first? I was like, uh, I think that’s Benedict Cumberbatch which i think is an alternate name, but I don’t think Bandybars is his real name.


    • It’s one of my favorite things. Bandersnatch Cumberbund is another good one. 🙂 I’m glad you knew who it was from the get go. I think there is a website where you can get your Benedict Cumberbatch name (generator).


  2. My 12-year old son and I hit all the Marvel movies; laugh ourselves silly when no one else in the theatre is even chuckling; shout out “STAN LEE!” whenever his cameo hits the screen. We laughed a lot during this one. YES! The cape was hilarious. The funniest thing though, was that throughout the entire thing we would point little odd things out to each other, and in the end, decided it was the best possible mash-up of Harry Potter, Dr. Who, Marvel, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Kung-Fu Panda that they could ever have made. Ever. Anywhere. ❤️


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