The Heart Goes Last

The Heart Goes LastThings you should know about this book before entering.

  1. It is very sexual. You wouldn’t think it would be from the way it begins, but suddenly everything revolves around sex and it was a little off-putting.
  2. Atwood doesn’t take you where you expect to go, that’s for sure. It feels very Stepford-esque, and I mean we all know that signing up for this project is a bad idea when we hear about it because OF COURSE it is. But it ends up that it’s not about that. Not even close.
  3. We only see things from the perspective of our two main characters, Stan and Charmaine. If they don’t see it, think it, or experience it, we don’t know about it. So the little we do know comes in through the periphery. I found this disappointing. I wanted to know more, not just hints and possibilities. A lot is left to your imagination and maybe it’s just our current climate but I don’t the mental space to imagine the horrors of this scenario when there are so many I am currently living in real life.
  4. The ending is…ugh, I don’t know. Like, I suspected it? But if that’s the lesson? I just, I don’t know. It was so sexual and obscene most of the time that I was like, “okay, whatever” at the end.

When you feel ready, read A Handmaid’s Tale instead. This book was just meh. Another instance of “I’m glad I read it but I wouldn’t have missed it if I hadn’t.”