Angry Picks: Worst 5 Books of 2016

There were several books that I forced myself through this year that made me angry when I was finished because it felt like reading them was a waste of precious time. These are the angry picks from 2016, all titles linked to their full reviews.

gfcGold Fame Citrus

This book started so well. Divided into three parts, the first part says “let’s do Cormac McCarthy’s The Road but less depressing” and then the other two parts don’t do that. I’m not sure what the other parts were doing. Books that make me think we’re going one place and then don’t make sense at all make me very angry.

lily-octopusLily and the Octopus

This book combines many things I hate, but I didn’t know it until the end. Thinking this would be similar to “The Art of Racing in the Rain” (LIKE IT SAYS ON THE FUCKING COVER) I decided ugly crying through a dog dying was worth a beautiful love story about man’s best friend. RUN FROM THIS BOOK. DO NOT WALK. RUN.

pandemoniumDelirium #2: Pandemonium

Now, you know how you have that friend who is the hot friend and you know full well you are the “normal” friend but you really want to be the hot friend? Lauren Oliver REALLY wanted her Delirium trilogy to be the Hunger Games or Divergent. IT IS NOT. The first book isn’t on this list because it was VERY good. Books 2 and 3 are VERY NOT.

requiemDelirium #3: Requiem

And book 3 gets an extra special shout out for NOT HAVING A FUCKING ENDING. Just because our main character finds a modicum of resolution DOES NOT MEAN WE HAVE RESOLVED THE CONFLICT SET UP IN THE BOOKS. Oh my god I almost threw this book out the window and simply reimbursed the library for it so no one else had to read this unsatisfying trash.

girl waits with gunGirl Waits With Gun

Now, this one didn’t make me irate, it made me pull out the classic mom line: “I’m not mad, just disappointed.” This book was so good at the beginning: independent women in a time when women were actively expected NOT to be independent facing off against a powerful man over damages owed and then…BORING REPETITIVE SNOREFEST. Maybe I should try book 2 and see if it improves.