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As we move through the holidays and closer to the new year, Angry Angel Books is making plans for the future. It has been a fantastic year seeing this blog grow, and I have definitely mastered the art of the holds list at the library.

There were obstacles, mostly in the fact that I am admittedly poor and had to wait on those new releases from the library instead of purchasing them straight away. I read at the speed of Lucille Ball trying to shove chocolates into her mouth, but the supply of chocolate was not quite as fast.


I’ve been brainstorming and while I know many blogs go for straight donations, that didn’t feel right to me since my blog isn’t very far reaching right at the moment. My mind kept returning to how thankful I was about your readership and the library for helping me to have access to so many good books, and came up with this idea.


Angry Seraph Amazon Wish List

I created an Amazon wish list with some upcoming 2017 releases. If you would like, click the link above and take a look around. I’m going to be keeping a very close watch on popular books in 2017 and keeping this list updated. If you are interested in a book you don’t see on the list, just message or post on Angry Angel Books on Facebook, Twitter, or Goodreads.

So how will it work? If you enjoy my reviews and want to contribute to my site, choose a book to purchase or pre-order and the site will send it directly to me. When purchasing or pre-ordering make sure to leave a gift message to indicate one of three things.

  • This is a gift! Buying a book for me to either keep or donate or gift as I will. I love books! Please include your address so I can send a thank you note. gifts
  • Send it back to you so you can read it! Want me to read and review it first? Great! Want the book you bought for yourself afterwards? Fantastic! In the gift message please give me your name and shipping address and I will send to you right away once the book has been read. return-to-sender
  • Donate! If you would like this book to be donated to a specific organization or library, even if it’s near you, please include the info in your gift message or DM me on Twitter or Facebook and it shall be done.


This is something I want to continue through 2017, and whether people use this or not I will be continuing to review and enjoy books that I hope you enjoy as well. There are more new additions in the works, but this was the first one I could share now. 🙂 Happy Holidays!


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