Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass #2)


Throne of Glass (#1) – Review Here

Oh my god this book is so good. I’m not even going to undertake making this review some kind of essay format – IT. IS. SO. GOOD. I will share the reasons why in a very amateurish list fashion because I’m exhausted. I had one of my random bouts of insomnia last night and so I’m not thinking as straight as I might usually be.

ROMANCE: Celeana and Chaol get together and it’s moderately hot. They can’t keep their hands off each other and it’s the just right combo of cute and hot and I am here for it. #teamchaol And there is the added bonus that they are both over 18 so I don’t feel like a dirty old woman reading children’s books.

NASTY WOMAN: I keep waiting to be disappointed by Celeana (or Sarah J. Maas really, I guess) fawning over/following/pining after the men that are around her but the men pine for her while she beats the shit out of everyone. In this book she is such a fucking badass. I love watching her get revenge and I lived vicariously through her. There was a point where I had to set the book down and just imagine what my life would be like if I could go off on people whose bullshit I am completely finished with. It was beautiful.

MAGIC: These Wyrdmarks are super mysterious and I can’t wait to find out more about them. Also Dorian (the prince and heir) has a magical surprise for you to discover! And there’s a terrifying witch!

DEATH: There is poison, kidnapping, fights, murders, murders, and more murders!

SUSPENSE: Oh man is shit brewing. A lot happens in this book but it cannot be ignored that behind the scenes there are wheels turning that we cannot see. There is a mountainous region from which nightmares hail, a trio of keys which have been hidden for centuries and no one knows who may or may not have them, a journey by the nefarious characters in the story – shit is about to blow up and I cannot wait.

Go read this book. Quick! WHAT ARE YOU DOING GO GET IT NOW!

Well, you might want to read the first one first…BUT GO!



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