On Podcasts: Still Processing



Coming off a 2017 Webby award win, Still Processing is a podcast worthy of your consideration. I love that they record all over New York, and Wesley and Jenna are the perfect mix of sassy and intelligent. Their guests are enjoyable and their topics are enlightening and thoughtful.

Here is some advice though. If you are new to podcasts and looking for things to listen to, please heed this warning. Listen to this podcast first and then begin enjoying The Read. I started listening to The Read before I got into Still Processing, and so unfortunately Still Processing feels bland and academic to me after the bright and shiny boisterous nature of Kid Fury and Crissle. These two podcasts have a lot in common, and listening to them both can cause a bit of, not quite boredom, but I expect you will gravitate towards one or the other.

I am still processing Still Processing. It hasn’t grown on me yet but I am listening from the beginning so I am giving it a chance. I am sure it eventually comes into its own and to be honest, the more amazing, intelligent, funny, and entertaining black people I can bring into my ears and experience the better. White people nonsense is deafening and embarrassing out here, I need more Wesley, Crissle, Fury, and Jenna.

Take a listen and stick with it. These are important voices.


Speaking of black woman magic, go out and preorder Samantha Irby’s new book, We Are Never Meeting In Real Life, out May 30th. If you haven’t read her work, go get Meaty too. Both links provided here will take you to Amazon, but buy where you normally are comfortable getting books.