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I have moved several times since I graduated from undergrad. Each time I have managed to build up a small group of friends that I get close to, before moving again and shedding those friends because despite the internet, distance doesn’t make friendship grow fonder. At this point most of my friends are either friends I made from meeting/being with the husband or friends I have been brave enough to trust on the internet but whom I have never met. Close friends are hard to come by, and I can’t remember the last time I just had people over to hang out. Kid Fury and Crissle have moved to New York, and are keeping each other company as they discover their new environment.


What I absolutely love about The Read is that it feels like I’m sitting around, having a drink, and chatting with friends. It doesn’t matter that half the time I don’t know anything about the music or celebrities they are talking about, I learn by listening and they are so goddamn hilarious that it makes learning fun! I sit and I listen and I get to make fun of the Kardashians or Kanye or pay homage to Beyonce or learn about whatever the Real Housewives are doing (I don’t watch, but I know what this is). I love listening to them talk to each other. I love it when they disagree and I love it when they get into it with each other because they are so, fucking, respectful about it.

All joking and paparazzi stuff aside, their Reads at the end of the podcast are really deep and wonderful. They talk about some very personal things and some very serious things, from coming out to family members to dealing with hypocritical nonsense at work – it’s really worth a listen.

My only complaint (and it’s not even a complaint, just a problem for me, not for them) is that the individual podcasts are SO LONG. It’s difficult for me to listen to one all in one sitting, so when I come back to it I lose the comedic/conversational flow a little bit when I want to listen to the second half.

Despite the length, I always look forward to sitting down and shooting the shit with these new friends. Take a moment and go take a listen yourself. You’ll feel refreshed, informed, and entertained.


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