On Podcasts: Unhappy Hour with Matt Bellassai

unhappy hour

This fucking podcast is everything I wish that my podcast could be. I love Matt Bellassai so much. From his Buzzfeed web series “Whine About It” to his current series “To Be Honest” to this new podcast, there is nothing I enjoy more than listening to this lovely person complain about shit.

He makes fun of weirdo news stories, picks on well-known celebrities, and complains about the world while drinking with celebrity guests. His segment called “Deep Dive” goes into detail about a certain topic. The one they did about Texas was HILARIOUS but also terrible and you should go listen to it immediately.

Combining this podcast with The Read (with Kid Fury and Crissle) and Pod Save America will ensure that I get my fill of anger for the week in The After Times. I love podcasts that are mean but also funny and also like hanging out and gossiping with friends.

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