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Imagine if all the creepy sci-fi events from all your favorite movies and books converged on an Area 51 type town where people actually live, work, shop, and listen to radio shows. This combination of exceptional and mundane is the best way to describe the funny, quirky, and sometimes disturbing Welcome to Nightvale.

This community update radio show wouldn’t be what it is without the deadly serious deadpan of Cecil Baldwin. Without his ability to talk about the dog park (DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT THE DOG PARK) or his paramour Carlos, we wouldn’t be drawn into this small town where portals open and spit out tentacles who challenge the man with the tan leather briefcase as he tries to defy the angels that protect Old Woman Josie.

Cecil provides you with updates on events, community gossip, new occurrences, and dangerous pitfalls to avoid. He lets you know if there are any new beings in Nightvale to be on the lookout for. He talks to you about things he cares about, especially Carlos. Carlos is an absolute DREAM.

I did not think I was going to like this podcast. I like fantasy things – dragons, elves, magic. I’m usually not there very often for sci-fi/horror type stuff. I was pleasantly surprised. This podcast is absolutely brilliant. You will be sucked in immediately. The only part I’m not always interested in is the weather report, which is a song instead of a weather update.

So take a drive to Nightvale. You might want to stay awhile. Just seriously though, stay out of the dog park.

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