2018 Summer Reading List Compilation

I love the times of year where lists come out! Publications are releasing their summer book lists and I am excited to peruse them!  Here are a few for you to enjoy, along with any reviews I’ve already written about books on that list.

Washington Post Summer List

New York Times Summer List

Wired Summer List

Chicago Magazine Summer List

Vanity Fair Summer List

Times Summer List

To be very, very honest there are a lot of books on these lists that are very mainstream or stuffy. I was surprised that a lot of my “I got bored with it” books were on the most visible lists. Do people really want to read a depressing book about city foxes and gardens in London as described by scientists for their summer read? Maybe, but summer reads are supposed to be light, fluffy, and readable as you soak up the sun on the beach. Books you would enjoy in your free time, not assignments you’d receive for a class.

I’m making my own list to add to these and it’ll be up June 1st. Hopefully I’ll bring together some suggestions to light up your summer nights. You know the Angry Angel can bring the heat.

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