The Female Persuasion

The Female Persuasion

I got to 80 pages and put this one away. I couldn’t even tell you exactly why, other than to say that I wasn’t interested in another story about how an older lady helps a younger lady learn how to be a feminist. The amount that Greer (the main character) whines about having to go to her lowly college instead of Yale because her parents messed up her financial aid (?) happens at least 15 times in the first 80 pages, and I am 100% not here for that bullshit either. I just don’t have time for this level-of-privilege/figuring-out-how-to-be-human pity party story. NOPE.

You should read some other reviews though, because this book is getting some seriously mixed ones from what I’m seeing. But I’ll tell you this, fam, I’m out. I’ve got other things to read.


      • Well I went to the bk club mtg Barnes&Noble had on this bk & altho only 1 other gal besides me showed up, the gal (a clerk at B&n) running it was great. (Also the female store mgr. sat in on the mtg. & she was great too.) And I liked the 1 other gal who showed up, altho like me she’s not young & the 2 B&N gals were young, we found out we’re all feminists. And nobody was mad or shocked when I said what I didn’t like about the bk. So I hope this club keeps going & continues to grow but B&N corporate will have to decide whether to keep doing it or not. Corporations, corporations…don’t get me started on corporations…


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