It’s Gonna Be June

With only 3 school days remaining in this year (and a half day for teachers only to check out) it’s time to wind down and think about what is upcoming in the summer of 2019. Getting through these last days is somehow both easy and difficult, and thinking about what there is to look forward to helps to pass the time.

This summer is a frugal summer with a trip to Paris on the horizon as well as efforts to save up a house down payment. There are no plans to go anywhere or do anything outside of visiting the in-laws and going to the beach. Activities to keep boredom away will include ZooTampa, a local Ethiopian restaurant, the Dali Museum, and probably a few sessions of bowling. The backyard pool and patio are also going to get more use this year, having been cleaned from top to bottom and decorated with lights.

The nearest branch of the county library system offers reservable study room space to library patrons. Rooms can be reserved up to six days in advance for up to two hours per session. This is where the majority of the novel will be revised and rewritten this summer, away from the distractions of home. Monday through Friday reservations should allow for significant progress on a schedule so that the end of summer can bring an end to this round of revisions and yield a more finished product.

A combination of Weight Watchers (WW) and daily gym visits will hopefully result in some weight loss and increased strength and endurance. Interval training with the intent to return to running on a regular basis is one of the goals of this process. Another is fitting in an airplane seat without discomfort and walking around Paris without being exhausted.

Books I’ll be reading this summer:

Library Reads

Digital ARCs via NetGalley

Stuff I Own