WandaVision: Now In Color (Ep. 3)

WandaVision Eps 1 & 2

I honestly don’t have a lot to say about this week’s episode. It felt kind of all jumbled together. It centered around Wanda’s pregnancy lasting only about 24 hours before she spit out not one but two baby boys! Her contractions and discomfort caused her magic to go haywire, bursting pipes and shorting out electricity for the neighborhood. Vision runs around like a bumbling father, even racing for the home-visit physician and racing him back to their house on his back when Wanda goes into labor.

Something I said about the first two episodes that I’ll say again here is that I do not have any connection to Wanda, and any minuscule connection I have to Vision is simply because I heard his voice for so long. The shallowness of the sitcom setup is preventing the deepening of my investment in either of their characters, which I would think is the opposite of what the show creators would want. Wanda is going to be a part of the next phase of Marvel, they need us to be interested and invested in her as an Avenger. That’s just not happening for me here.

What keeps me watching is wondering about the sword logo and the people that seem to be trying to get into this reality. This week’s episode showed that this is indeed a real town that has a kind of force-field around it, and the woman that brings up that Wanda’s brother was killed by Ultron is tossed out of the bubble by Wanda after they talk about how Wanda was a twin too. I don’t care what Wanda is doing, I want to know what is going on outside of her bubble. Is she making all this happen or is someone manipulating her magic? What is the sword (the very small amount of research I’ve done revealed that it is the replacement for SHIELD, headed by Nick Fury again)? I am interested in the post-Iron Man/Captain America world and how this show sets up what that looks like. Everything else is just noise.

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