WandaVision: We Interrupt This Program (Ep. 4)

WandaVision Eps. 1 & 2
WandaVision Ep. 3: Now in Color

Episode four takes a step away from the sitcom format to give us much needed information about what is going on outside of Westview. We are taken back to the aftereffects of the second snap (third snap?) done by the Hulk that brought everyone back that had been dustified. The sword logo is explained as the logo for the SWORD organization formed by Maria Rambeau of Captain Marvel fame. Her daughter Monica is the focus of the start of the episode, as she is snapped back into existence to find that her mother has died from cancer. She expects to get right back to work but the new (interim) head of SWORD grounds her and assigns her to a weird FBI case in New Jersey. She touches the forcefield and gets sucked into the neighborhood.

Lots of C-List characters are thrown at us in this episode. Darcy (from the Thor movies) and FBI agent Jimmy Woo (Ant-Man) are just two of the many field agents that are tasked with figuring out what is going on with Wanda. Darcy has somehow gone from a Poli-Sci major to a PhD in astrophysics (yes I have questions but whatever) and takes point on the energy waves radiating off the town, funneling them into an old-fashioned tv to reveal WandaVision. This answers the question of who was yelling through the radio, where the drone and beekeeper came from, and how Monica got thrown out.

For the first time I felt the small beginnings of interest in Wanda. Until this point she was just a character in a sitcom: fake, sugary sweet, untouchable. This episode gives us a brief moment behind the scenes of Episode 3: Now In Color when Monica (Geraldine) mentions Ultron killing Wanda’s brother. Her moment of lucidity in the previous episode is expanded here as rage, something that was edited out of the episode the outside is allowed to see. She expels Monica with a vengeance, and this energy causes her focus to slip, and we see Vision with a hole in his forehead, his eyes blank, how he looked when Thanos ripped the mind stone from him. She flinches, closes her eyes, and when she turns back he’s back to himself. They have a small conversation, and once each of them have a baby to hold and are on the couch together, she edits the episode back together.

Apparently this is all Wanda. She’s not being controlled, she’s taking control and creating a reality that she can accept, presumably until she is willing to accept true reality. We just don’t know when that will be.

Looking forward to episode 5. Hoping we’re back to sitcom format, because half of my investment in this show is what’s NOT being said, and while this break answered the questions I had, I’m sure I’ll have more. Until next week!

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