Bloodwitch (Witchlands #3)


Truthwitch (Witchlands #1)
Windwitch (Witchlands #2)
Sightwitch (Witchlands #2.5)

The most important thing about Bloodwitch is that you MUST read Sightwitch first. If you don’t, around 50% of this book will be absolutely confusing and incomprehensible to you. So many other series present novellas or “point five” books as extra stories to enjoy in that universe that aren’t necessary to the main story, but hot damn Sightwitch should have been book #3 and Bloodwitch #4, Sightwitch is THAT important to understanding what is going on. You must not skip it.

Bloodwitch was A LOT. I’m not even really sure how to pull everything that happened together, and when that happens to me I like to make a list.

  1. We discover that there are many people that we thought we could trust that are either creepy or misdirected and messing with our girls Safi and Iseult.
  2. I need Vaness to be okay. She’s such a bad bitch.
  3. AEDUAN IS ERIDYSI’S SON EXCUSE ME??? (Think Eridysi’s Lament.)
  5. What is going on with Merik? Is he dead?
  6. I love Vivia’s arc in this book. She really transforms from trying to please everyone else into someone who is ready to do what’s right, even if it means working outside the system she’s worked in her entire life. Just a real sense of power and freedom here.
  7. Why is the Void Well in Nubrevna? Why isn’t Vivia the chosen daughter of the Water Well? Wouldn’t someone with Void magic be the chosen of the Void Well? Wait…can Vivia access Void magic? Ugh, I guess I need more history/info on what the wells are and how they used to work.
  8. I need more information about the Carawen monks/monastery. There’s an entire rebellion going on here that the story just threw me into and I was like that John Travolta gif where he walks around confusedly. Who are all these people and also why? I’m hopeful that Witchshadow (out June 22nd!) will shed some light on these divisions.
  9. I loved the absolute video game/portal madness that happens in the final moments of the book. Just in and out of all the doors and you hope you end up someplace safe. I’m so glad that both Safi and Merik find out they are both still alive (? – see above about Merik).

All apologies, this isn’t my best review, but this was a long book with a lot happening and you don’t need paragraphs on paragraphs on what happened – just go read the book. The newest installment is coming in June, so you have time to get refreshed or caught up. This is one of the best fantasy series I have ever read, and I strongly recommend it to everyone that asks (and even people who don’t!). Go get you some.

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