The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: The Whole World is Watching (Ep. 4)

It’s really difficult for me to review these episodes. Not only are they so predictable, making watching them extremely boring, my same complaint about WandaVision can be made here: I do not care about these characters. I wanted so much to care about Bucky at least, and the beginning of this episode gave me just a glimpse of hope that I could, but by the end of the episode I just wanted it all to stop.

How many places do we have to meet the freckly red-headed woman who doesn’t trust us? How many times can the new Captain America fuck it up? Enemy who isn’t the real enemy and “ally” who is actually a villain both show up here, and anyone with half a brain could have seen it coming. People seem to have loved the over-the-top violence at the end, but I found it gratuitous. Oh no! New Cap is actually unhinged with something to prove! And now he has super serum! Whatever will happen next do you think?

You can have a predictable plot if we care about the characters. I just finished a rewatch of all the Marvel movies from Iron Man to Endgame and I STILL cry in the movies where I cried the first time I watched them. Some of them even seemed better now that I know where they were headed. I cared about these characters, and so I wanted to see their stories, their journeys, again and again.

What you can’t have are two characters we don’t care about doing something that we don’t care about trying to make us pay attention through drably colored scenes with drably costumed actors. Okay fine, that Zemo dancing stuff was funny but god they brought Wakandans into this and it’s still a snore-fest for me. What is our end goal here? What is the point of all this action? WHY DO WE CARE ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING?? I should not still be asking these questions after 4 episodes of a 6 episode run. Even WandaVision started throwing me bones in episode 2 to keep me guessing.

I’m bored. That’s bad. So I guess no new info this week. Can’t wait to find out where we go to be bored next week.

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