Valentine’s Day: Romance Recs

Happy Valentines Day! I am deep into my advanced copies of March releases, but I wanted to stop by and remind you about some amazing romance selections that might heat up your Valentine’s Day.

The Awakening (The Dragon Heart Legacy, Book 1)
Nora Roberts is my go to romance choice when I need a fix, and this newest series started off on the best foot. The second book in the series came out this past November, and I will be treating myself to reading it for my birthday during spring break. The Awakening combines her love of Ireland with her love of magic and dragons, and when Roberts brings those both together, you know you’re in for an amazing ride.

See also Roberts’ Three Sisters Trilogy (Dance Upon the Air, Heaven and Earth, Face the Fire)

One Last Stop
A book that combines a love out of time, representation, and found family, you couldn’t find a better book all about love than Casey McQuiston’s One Last Stop. Unless…

Red, White & Royal Blue
… you were looking for forbidden love amidst higher obligations. In which case McQuiston has a gay romance for you that pairs the President of the USA’s son with the younger son of the Heir Apparent to the British throne. One of my favorite books of all time, it was fun and suspenseful and fantastic throughout with a lovely ending.

The Wedding Date
It would not be a complete list of romance without Jasmine Guillory. She hooked me with this first book in her Wedding Date series, and I’ve read all the the books that have followed. Some were better than others, but if you love food as much as you love sex, you can’t go without trying one of Guillory’s books.
See also: The Proposal, The Wedding Party, Royal Holiday, Party of Two, and While We Were Dating

I don’t read a lot of romance, but when I do it’s gotta be GOOD. Let me know if you enjoy any of these reads and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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