Angry Angel Books Shop!

I have some good news! As I was setting up my crowdfunding for Rosie’s surgery yesterday, I discovered that the Ko-Fi website allows me to set up a shop for selling items. I’ve always wanted to sell the books that I have bought and either didn’t enjoy or didn’t want to keep, but hadn’t found a good forum for it without having to set up seller accounts at Amazon or Ebay, both of which take a pretty big percentage in fees and have a lot of competition.

I will be working over the next couple of weeks to update the reviews of books with their sale link, but if you’d like to keep an eye on my shop for any books you’d like to snag, here is the link:

A couple things: I can only ship to the continental United States (excluding Alaska) and I’ve built my shipping costs into the price of the item. To keep shipping costs down, I’ll always ship media mail via USPS, and I will provide the tracking number if possible via the email you provide in the purchasing process.

I’m looking forward to making these books available to you!