What’s Up This Week? January 22nd-28th

Welcome back! 2023 Week 4 finds me more exhausted than usual. This past week was only a 4 day work week and yet every second was a year off of my life. The 3rd quarter of the school year is truly the void into which we scream. Join me as I move through the fourth week of the year.

As always, you can find me at all around the internet via my LinkTree: https://linktr.ee/angryangelbooks

Furious Angel Book Club

This year I launched/announced a new venture for Angry Angel Books: the Furious Angel Book Club. It meets monthly and the first three months will be open to any level of membership on Patreon or Ko-Fi. Click here to read about this new community. This month’s title is Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo. Links for the book club meeting will go out to all levels of membership on Patreon and Ko-Fi today, and we will meet on Saturday January 28th at 3pm Eastern time.

Book Reviews

Only one review scheduled for this week and it’s a doozy. I’ve been reading a digital advance copy of The Cradle of Ice (Moon Fall #2) by James Rollins for a week now but The Acorn (my Kindle) keeps saying it will take me 12 hours to finish the book. I think I might be reading at the edge of a black hole. The truth is that Rollins has written some really interesting doorstops (The Starless Crown was amazing!) so I just have to keep going and eventually I’ll find my way out. Please note that this is only a comment about the size of the book, not its quality. The Cradle of Ice is available for preorder now and will be available on February 7, 2023.

Live Streaming/Videos

I am very excited to announce that I am slowly inching my way toward Twitch Affiliate. I have a lovely schedule that I have been able to stick to, and I’ve made some new online friends. I’ve also spruced up my stream to look more like a professional setup, and when I reach 100 followers I’ll incorporate a webcam too! I’m having a lot of fun so I’m just gonna keep doing it! Check out a short 5 minute clip of one of my most recent streams here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1711138810
I’m playing Destiny 2 with my friends Alicia and J and there is some profanity, but definitely stick around to see J get squished by a space elevator and hear my rant about why I cancelled my preorder of Destiny 2: Lightfall.

I am streaming three main games at the moment: Destiny 2:

Horizon Zero Dawn:

and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

My schedule is always Tuesday/Thursday/Friday (and the occasional Monday) from 6pm(ish) to 8:30pm(ish). I also stream on the weekends, but the times are variable. All streams are uploaded to my YouTube channel (LinkTree: https://linktr.ee/angryangelbooks) so if you ever miss a stream you can watch it after it’s over on YouTube. Please follow and subscribe both on Twitch and YouTube to support me.

Essay Series

I have the start of two essay series up on Patreon and Ko-Fi. The first is an introductory post of about 500 words, and the second is an outline of my current position and what I do for work right now. So many of my life decisions have been centered around my professional life, so to understand me, you have to know what I do for monies. The You’re Not Supposed to Be Here series will mostly be free to all, but The Resume series will always be for members only.

Series: You’re Not Supposed to Be Here: A Beginning (Patreon or Ko-Fi) – free for all

Series: The Resume: Current Position (Patreon or Ko-Fi) – minimum membership of $3 per month required to access


Have a great week!